How does it all work

What does it include?

The funeral bill is comprised of two sections:

•    the first being the charges by the funeral director for all services provided directly by them (including the staff, vehicles, equipment and the coffin or casket)
•    the second being the payment to third parties such as cemeteries, crematoria, ministers, doctors, churches and associated fees over which the funeral director has no control, and therefore cannot be responsible for any increases.

Our plans cover the cost of all the services provided by the funeral director and we guarantee that there will be nothing further to pay in regard to these.

If, however, at the time of purchasing a Plan you wish to make a contribution towards the third party charges, this is quite acceptable and the amount paid will rise in line with the Consumer Prices Index.

At the date of death the actual costs of the third party charges may differ from the contribution paid, together with the Consumer Prices Index increases, and any differences will either be payable or refundable to the funeral arranger.

The decision as to whether to include a contribution towards these third party payments is entirely your own decision, but our staff are available at any time to give advice in relation to this.

What next?

It really is very straightforward. Once you have decided to purchase a Pre-Arranged Plan, we will be happy to take you through all the different options and agree a pre-payment price for your particular plan.